Schöfmann - Family Winery

Kellerstrasse 17
A-2054 Haugsdorf
Phone: +43 676 42 52 727

Wines from Haugsdorf, the red wine island of the Weinviertel region.

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"If you walk a mile in my shoes, you'll end up in a vineyard"

Wine needs time

Time is scarce nowadays. In winemaking we try to do it differently.
Lots of time is dedicated to our vines, grapes and wine bottles until we release them to the market,
as much time as they need.
Time in the vineyard means to observe every vine during all seasons to decide which individual treatment they will receive. So we can create a sense of feeling for each location. As a result, the vines reward us with healthy and tasteful grapes. With the right soil management and the preservation of biodiversity and a small-structured agriculture the ideal conditions for our vines are created.

Red wine is our passion

"Red wine - Island of the Weinviertel region” is the area around the village Haugsdorf called.
This designation is due to the soils, geology and climatic prerequisites, which can be found here.
Loam and Sand play the leading role, which means best conditions for red wine production. Blauer Portgieser and Zweigelt were the forerunners. In recent years the variety got extended by Cabernets, Merlot and Pinot Noir.
Our red wine production is established on a 120 years old tradition of red wine making in Haugsdorf, enriched by international knowledge and modern technologies.

Where does this passion come from?

Red wines are different - complex, multi-layered and full of aging potential. We do not judge a wine only at present, but also assess its future potential.
The interaction of time, ripeness and tannins fascinates us again and again. We aim to produce wines, which do not show all facets on the first sip, they will still give pleasure after some years.